CAFP Educational Foundational Investment Policy

At its 2013 Annual General Meeting the membership of the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians (CAFP) adopted an Investment Policy applicable to funds raised in support of its registered charity, the Educational Foundation.

As stated in the Investment Policy, CAFP’s mission is to “use the collective wisdom and experience of former Canadian Parliamentarians to assist Canadians and others in the areas of democracy building, education, and participation in public policy development and evaluation.” The Educational Foundation envisages the creation of three endowment funds to provide the financial resources for future operating needs and to pursue the programming, directly and through third parties, to enable CAFP to carry out its mission. These endowments funds are:

  1. An Operating Endowment to fund the Educational Foundation’s operating expenses to $70,000 per year.
  2. A General Programming Endowment sufficient to fund programming costs to $400,000 annually.
  3. Specific Program Endowment Funds funded through specific contributions that are in line with the mission of the Foundation.

The policies and processes relating to each fund as well as the overall governance of the Investment policy itself are set forth in the policy itself. To see the full text of the CAFP Educational Foundation Investment Policy, click here.



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