Canadian Programs

Drawing upon former parliamentarians' knowledge and experience, CAFP has developed numerous programs that are designed to strengthen democratic institutions and encourage public participation in the political process, among youth especially.  

Through its Schools Program and its Parliament to Campus program, in 2010-2011, former parliamentarians spoke in more than 70 elementary, secondary and university classrooms and 5,000 students of all ages from across Canada.  A student at the University of Edmonton said of the program, “The stories they told illustrated political realities - the kinds of things you don’t read in text books.”  Another student, from the Université de Montréal, said "It’s putting a face on politicians.  It helps to see what MPs really do and the issues they face."  And a student from the University of Regina told us "I received encouragement from this session to see the Canadian parliamentary process as relevant to my life — I am encouraged to vote in this election, to watch the news and participate even in a small way with the democratic process.  I felt that the presenters left the class with inspiration to take responsibility for the future of Canada."

Our Speakers Bureau helps service clubs, community organizations and other groups find speakers to talk about Parliament, life in politics and other related topics.  Last year alone, former parliamentarians spoke to more 100 such groups.  

CAFP also conducts studies on issues of importance to parliamentary democracy, governance and the interests of both current and former parliamentarians, and organizes related conferences.  In 2010, CAFP partnered with the Public Policy Forum to organize Question Question Period to discuss ways of improving the tenor and tone of debate in Canada’s Parliament.  


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