International Programs

Former parliamentarians possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of representative government, and can greatly contribute to election monitoring missions and other democracy strengthening missions. 

To this end, in partnership with the European Parliament Former Members Association and the United States Association of Former Members of Congress, CAFP created the International Election Monitors Institute in 2005.   Since its inception, IEMI has developed a standard international election monitoring curriculum and an online refresher, trained a cadre of 70 former legislators, and participated in many election monitoring missions. 

CAFP and individual CAFP members have also participated in a number of democracy promotion initiatives abroad, for example helping developing democracies build effective and accountable legislatures, training parliamentarians and parliamentary staff, and helping to empower women.  Former parliamentarians have worked with groups and organizations in a number of countries, including Afghanistan, Belarus, Burundi, Georgia, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Serbia, Sudan, Uganda, and Vietnam. 

CAFP’s successful Parliament to Campus now has an International Edition, with presentations to American campuses about the differences between the Canadian and American legislative systems. 

The Association maintains an extensive list of contacts at home and abroad to expand the reach of its own programs and to provide opportunities for its members, including CANADEM, the Parliamentary Centre, the OSCE and NDI to name a few.  CAFP has also participated in a number of international conferences, including, most recently In October 2011, the Sixth Follow Up Meeting of the Declaration of Principles of International Election Observation in Brussels

And CAFP has close ties to sister organizations from one sea to another in Canada and around the world, including the Union Mondiale des Associations d’Anciens Parlementaires Francophones, the New Zealand Association of Former Parliamentarians, the Australia Association of Former Parliamentarians and the ones mentioned above. 

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