Hon. Lynne Yelich


Hon. Lynne Yelich

Lynne Yelich dedicated 15 years of service as a Conservative Member of Parliament, representing the Blackstrap riding from 2000 to 2015. Her political journey was preceded by a decade-long tenure working alongside the former Member of Parliament.

In retirement, she and her husband embrace winter retreats to the south. Lynn passionately dedicates her time to supporting their two daughters, unwaveringly present for them in their demanding professional pursuits and family lives.

Throughout her parliamentary career, Lynne played a pivotal role in various committees, including Citizenship & Immigration, Transport, Government Operations & Estimates, and Status of Women. Her commitment extended to serving as the Parliamentary Secretary for Human Resources.

On October 30, 2008, Lynne assumed the role of Minister of State (Western Economic Diversification), a position of immense responsibility during a global recession. Leading the charge on ‘Canada’s Economic Action,’ she contributed significantly to formulating a comprehensive plan for the Canadian economy and recovery.

Her dedication continued as she was appointed Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular) on July 15, 2013. In this role, Lynne navigated the complexities of issues faced by Canadians traveling abroad. Her portfolio involved extensive international travel, focusing on promoting trade and representing Canada at international conferences. She addressed a broad spectrum of global concerns, including human rights, energy security, and global safety. Lynne played a crucial role in positioning Canada on the global stage through initiatives such as ‘Every Woman Every Child.’

Additionally, she collaborated closely with the Standing Rapid Deployment Team (SRDT), a specialized unit deployed to work alongside Canada’s embassies and consulates during emergencies, ensuring critical services for Canadians in distress.

Building on the foundation laid by her predecessor, Minister of Sate Ablonczy, Lynne witnessed the completion and introduction of the Canadian Consular Services Charter. This groundbreaking initiative informed Canadians about the consular services available while visiting, working, or pursuing education abroad, marking a significant milestone in the realm of diplomatic services.