Memorial Service

Memorial Service

Every year, on behalf of Parliament, the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians organizes a Memorial Service to honour the memory of parliamentarians who have passed away since the previous year.

This year, the Memorial Service took place on June 5, 2023 in the Senate Chamber.

Below is the list of those who were honored during the service:

The Hon. Anthony Abbott

The Hon. Doris Margaret Anderson

André Arthur

Robert Bertrand

The Hon. Michel Biron

The Hon. Joan Bissett Neiman

The Hon. Rev. Bill Blaikie

John Burton

The Hon. Jim Carr

Rex Crawford

The Hon. Mabel DeWare

Phil Edmonston

The Hon. James Fleming

William Frank

The Hon. Bill Graham

Terence Grier

Al Horning

The Hon. Jean Lapointe

René Laurin

The Hon. Viola Léger

The Hon. Gilles Loiselle

Robert McKinley

The Hon. Lorna Milne

Ken Monteith

John Oostrom

The Hon. Landon Pearson

The Hon. John Reid

Sam Wakim

Ian Watson

2023 Memorial Service


Hansard and Booklet

To view the 2023 Memorial Service hansard, click here.

To view the 2023 Memorial Service booklet, click here.